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February 10, 2021 General News


Daily Sage International Reach

In August, when we set out to inspire the world, we never thought we’d have this much reach SO quickly!
As of today, Daily Sage is grateful to announce that our inspiring messages are deployed all around the world (in 37 countries!!), every DAY.

We’re proud to announce that we’re inspiring people in:

Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Republic of Korea
St. Lucia
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Our network continues to grow and we appreciate you being along for the ride.
Please continue to share the app and your experience with family and friends!
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Proud to announce that as of November 30, 2016 we are now broadcasting in 37 countries, every day (up from 31 when we first made this post). The list above (but not the graphic) have been updated accordingly! #thankyouforthesupport

October 4, 2016 General News

The Center


Feeling inspired? Help us pay it forward.
This month’s featured guru and inspirational guide, Chris Tompkins, is calling attention to the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s “RISE” program.

“Some of the most vulnerable in our community are LGBTQ (questioning) youth in foster care and a hugely disproportionate percentage of kids in the foster system ARE youth who are LGBTQ.”

Through the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s federally funded RISE initiative, [they’re] creating and testing a service model that will help foster children and youth find stable, loving homes.

To find out more or make a contribution to this worthy cause visit

Chris Tompkins


Introducing Chris Tompkins!

Your Daily Sage Guru for the next thirty days!

He is the owner of “A Road Trip to Love” and is a spiritual life coach, teacher, and LGBT inner advocate based in Los Angeles, California. His mission is to help others connect to their purpose and learn how to truly love and accept themselves in order to live happier, healthier, and more peace-filled lives.

He believes reconnecting with our spirituality (or finding it for the first time), loving ourselves, and taking full responsibility for our lives and our choices is where our strength lies at the deepest level of the LGBT movement.

His ultimate mission is to help heal homophobia. Learn more about Chris, here.

Learn a little more about Chris’ philanthropic selection, (RISE) here.
Old Couple Seduces Foxy Nymph

iPhone 6
Do you remember back in high school, when we had a “word of the day” calendar to learn new words, to sporadically use throughout the day? It was a great effort to improve our vocabulary and, ultimately increase our SAT scores. I MISS those calendars.
I recently took an international holiday to mentally regroup and on the return flight, I was scrolling through years of inspirational quotes that I’ve collected: A mental pep-talk-routine I have, often. But, I was dismayed: why don’t I have these affirmations daily?
Then, inspiration struck💡!
I ordered a cocktail (to keep the juices flowing 😜) and sketched out the architecture of a new app: Daily Sage.
The app has taken on a wonderful life of its own. It went from being a product to an experience…for me and all those involved.
I’ve been actively recruiting professional entrepreneurs, mental health experts, life coaches, actors, comedians, etc. All looking to share their best life advice.
My first featured contributor recently wrote me this:
“Going back through and re-reading all of these favorite quotes of mine, I’ve realized I was actually speaking to myself this whole time. These were all messages that I selected because they at some point were the very thing I needed to hear. Spending dedicated time with them doing the artwork has been a very lovely walk down memory lane and it’s a huge reminder to keep pursuing our dreams! ;)”
So there it is: a light-weight app that delivers a quick, unobtrusive, inspirational message, every morning.
Daily affirmations to meditate with, appreciate and potentially share.
Try it for FREE, today, on the App Store!
hAPPy thursday!

August 18, 2016 General News, Updates